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We facilitate the importation and distribution of a wide range of nutritional and medicated feed additives essential in the growth and better performance of livestock, poultry, aqua and game fowls.

Bergazym P

Description: Multi-enzyme from single organism for wheat, corn, and soya
Availability: 20 kgs. box

Multi-talented feed enzymes

Bergazym P is a multiple feed enzyme preparation for pigs and poultry to get more nutrients from feed ingradients. Presented in microgranulated form. Bergazym P is able to have excellent heat resistance and pH stability.

RNT Enterprises, Inc.

Bergazym P is a multi-enzyme complex with a high concentration of pentosanase. It is mainly used in feeds for piglets, finishing pigs, broilers, turkeys and laying hens.


To improve feed utilization, to improve feed conversion (rate)



Benefit for Pigs

Benefit for Poutry