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We facilitate the importation and distribution of a wide range of nutritional and medicated feed additives essential in the growth and better performance of livestock, poultry, aqua and game fowls.

Biosoftt 10x

Description: Disinfectant
Availability: 1 Liter bottle / 5 Liter jar

Biosoftt 10x - Poultry and Pigs

Biosecurity is relevant all along the 'farm to fork' chain and starts by effective farm hygiene management.

RNT Enterprises, Inc.

The excellent efficacy of Biosoftt 10x in problematic areas and against diseases of economic importance at farms and veterinary units are confirmed by numerous laboratory tests and field trials.

Biosoftt 10x products are safe and easy to use they can be used in all areas that possibly needs total hygiene control - animal houses, equipment, vehicles and footbaths. Biosoftt 10x can be successfully applied by spraying, nebulisation or (thermo) fogging. Veterinary units whether on-farm or in the clinic can be effectively carried out with Biosoftt 10x.

Biosoftt 10x is a safe, versatile, non-toxic, environment friendly solution that are suitable for a number of poultry and pig applications where traditional chemicals fails to provide the level of hygiene required in modern process facilities.

Biosoftt 10x Vs Traditional Chemicals

Biosoftt 10x is ideal replacement for toxic traditional chemicals like chlorine which are harmful toin watering environment and need to be replaced because of on-going performance issues and non- compliance with health standards. The persistent use of traditional chemicals result in an evolution of resistance, allow the establishment of biofilms in watering systems and provide poor performance at pH & temperature extremes.

Biosoftt 10x can offer a modern intelligent solution to prevent the multiple issues observed in the complex farming sectors or rendering plants

Recent EU directives limit the amount of chlorine that can be used in poultry and pig processing in potable water, effectively banning its use in poultry and pig processing. The reasons behind this move are because of both taste, and the production of carcinogenic by-products.

In EU chlorine has become controversial as a food additive. Toxic by-products are created by chlorine in water, and the food industry is trying to reduce the use of chlorinated water in food processing.

The APHA (American Public Health Association) has policy statement calling for the use of alternatives to chlorine whenever possible. It has also been found that the high levels of chlorine required for the sterilizing of carcasses can cause eye and respiratory irritation among factory workers. Lower levels that do not have this effect can compromise antimicrobial effectiveness.

Biosoftt 10x is simple and effective solution to such chemicals.


Biosoftt 10x has a non-specific mode of action, which means resistance cannot occur.


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