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We facilitate the importation and distribution of a wide range of nutritional and medicated feed additives essential in the growth and better performance of livestock, poultry, aqua and game fowls.

Crina® Finishing Pigs and Sows

Description: Essential Oils
Availability: 25 kgs. bag

CRINA® Swine – delivering essential digestive performance

Improved feed use makes a big impact on profits. To see how you can benefit from this, have a look at our CRINA® offering for swine.

RNT Enterprises, Inc.

Essential oils and their components are renowned for their impact on gut health.

CRINA® Finishing Pigs and Sows has been developed to stimulate feed intake and performance in grower-finisher pigs and sows.


Swine have specific needs at different stages of development. Recognizing this, we offer finely-tuned blends for piglets, for finishing pigs and for sows. This ensures the maximum benefit for all animals specific to their requirements.

Piglets are at greater risk of microbial health challenges around the time of weaning. CRINA® Piglets has been shown to help reduce this risk.

In finishing pigs, the goal is high feed conversion. CRINA® Finishing Pigs has been shown to specifically improve digestive efficiency.

In sow units, the addition of CRINA® Finishing Pigs and Sows helped sows achieve their lactation potential more easily by stimulating feed intakes and reducing loss of body weight during lactation.

Bigger profits

Put all these factors together, and CRINA® Swine ensures a good return on your investment.

Performance - Finishing Pigs

A commercial field trial in Germany showed the improvement in daily weight gain, feed conversion ratio and lean meat percentage when CRINA® Finishing Pigs and Sows was added to the diet.

Performance - Sows

CRINA® Finishing Pigs and Sows has shown that it can assist sows in lactation to reach their performance potential through the stimulation of feed intake and endogenous enzyme production thus resulting in a reduced body weight loss and reduced P2 back fat loss.