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We facilitate the importation and distribution of a wide range of nutritional and medicated feed additives essential in the growth and better performance of livestock, poultry, aqua and game fowls.

Crina® Poultry Plus

Description: Essential Oils
Availability: 25 kgs. bag

CRINA® Poultry Plus – ensuring a good gut feeling

Sometimes you can take two successful products and create something even better. That is exactly what we have done with CRINA® Poultry Plus, and now poultry producers stand to benefit even more. CRINA® Poultry Plus is registered as zootechnical additive in Europe.

RNT Enterprises, Inc.

Increasing gut performance in poultry is something we are passionate about. We know that it makes a real difference to profits for our customers.

We are constantly searching for new and better ways to produce more efficient birds. With CRINA® Poultry Plus this is exactly what we were aiming for.

By combining two already-proven we created a product that has shown to provide significant improvements. Its two main ingredients complement each other to deliver consistent performance.

CRINA® Poultry is a flavoring additive comprising a specific blend of essential oil components including thymol, eugenol and piperine. These ingredients stimulate the production of digestive enzymes and improve the balance of gut microflora.

Benzoic acid is the most effective organic acid for inclusion in poultry diets. It has shown a strong anti-microbial effect, particularly againstE.coli and campylobacter.

The result is greater and more consistent digestive efficiency.

Faster-growing, more efficient birds

CRINA® Poultry Plus can be added to diets from starter to withdrawal rations.

Trial results have shown:

CRINA® Poultry Plus helps producers maintain performance in the post-antibiotic era.