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RONOZYME® Multigrain (GT)

Description: Carbohydrases - Feed enzymes

RONOZYME® MultiGrain – Multiply the benefits

The most stable combination of xylanase and β-glucanase enzymes.

RNT Enterprises, Inc.

RONOZYME® MultiGrain is an innovative thermostable multicomponent carbohydrase with multiple enzyme activities that will remain stable under pelleting conditions of up to 90°C.

RONOZYME® MultiGrain contains guaranteed levels of three key enzyme activities. Its unique combination of xylanase and β–glucanases offers the flexibility to safely formulate when using highly variable raw materials.

In cereals, starch is stored in the endosperm. To access and utilize this starch the animal must break down the cell walls. These are mainly made up of arabinoxylans and β-glucans, but the exact composition varies from cereal to cereal. Wheat contains mainly arabinoxylans, requiring a xylanase enzymeto degrade the cell walls, whereas barley contains high levels of β-glucans which cause high intestinal viscosity. Given the complexity of carbohydrates in feed, often more than one carbohydrase enzyme activity will be required to improve there lease of entrapped nutrients and reduce digesta viscosity. In such circumstances, RONOZYME® MultiGrain can offer acost effective solution.

RONOZYME® MultiGrain benefits from the application of the latest coating and formulation technology, making it heat- stable through feed manufacture and dust free, ensuring a high proportion of activity reaches the animal.

Comparitive testing has shown that RONOZYME® MultiGrain is the most thermostable multicomponent enzyme on the market today.

RONOZYME® MultiGrain delivers:

Optimal product formulation:

RONOZYME® MultiGrain (GT) recovery throughout the complete feed manufacturing process is excellent. Other benefits of the GT formulation are its dust-free nature and flowability. Both of these advantages contribute to the good mixability in both premixes and feed.