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Description: Phytases - Feed Enzymes

RONOZYME® NP – better phytase efficacy

RONOZYME® NP (CT) is the ideal choice for pelleted feeds as it is the most heat stable phytase available. It has superior handling properties being virtually dust free with excellent flowability and mixability.

RNT Enterprises, Inc.

RONOZYME® NP is the latest phytase offering of the RONOZYME® feed enzyme portfolio designed to meet the demands of modern production systems. It allows a higher release ofphytate phosphorus, so allows greater reduction in feed costs through lower inclusion rates of inorganic phosphate.

Following extensive trials RONOZYME® NP is proven in pig and poultry systems, to improve phosphorus metabolism and performance. In addition, other minerals such as calcium, magnesium and trace minerals that are bound to the phytic acidare released for absorption. The higher intrinsic heat stability allows to survive inthe digestive tract during feeding. It has even been shown to deliver higher cost effective results at levels in excess of traditional inclusion rates, offering the chance to further reduce inorganic phosphate supplementation rates for better cost saving.

RONOZYME® NP combines this exceptional effectiveness without standing ease of use. The CT form isthe most heat stable, able to withstand the harsh conditions experienced in animal feed manufacture.

Available in three different forms, it can be easily incorporated into any feed manufacturing system while its flow and mixing characteristics mean finished feed quality is not compromised. It meets industry standards for homogeneity and safety in premix and feed production.

What does RONOZYME® NP do?