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We facilitate the importation and distribution of a wide range of nutritional and medicated feed additives essential in the growth and better performance of livestock, poultry, aqua and game fowls.

Rosigold® WSP

Description: Water soluble multivitamins
Availability: 25 kgs. bag

A water-soluble vitamin mix for poultry

DSM is at the forefront of research and innovative products solutions. Strict quality assurance procedures guarantee that all products are delivered with a consistent high quality.

RNT Enterprises, Inc.


Today’s farmers use less feed to grow productive and healthy animals. The bioavailability of the nutrients added to modern, high-efficiency feeds has therefore become a critical factor. The proportion of a nutrient that is absorbed and used appropriately can be influenced considerably by the way it is formulated as a feed additive. DSM products are formulated to enable maximum stability especially during feed processing.


Flowability and dust-free characteristics are important criterion for feed ingredients. All DSM products are measured using Heubach Dustmeter to ensure they pass quality standards. These products also undergo several formulation processes to enlarge fine, dusty ingredients with suitable carriers and binders. The additives thus become practically dust-free compared with ingredients in powder form.


Feed additives need to withstand the new severe processes used increasingly in today’s feed industry, as well as resist prolonged contact with possibly aggressive components in modern premixes. Sensitive vitamins are stabilized with an antioxidant and embedded in a gelatine matrix, which is also cross-linked and encapsulated to provide additional stability. Other vitamins are either coated with ethyl-cellulose or phosphorylated to maintain stability during feed processing.


A major feature of today’s quality feeds is high uniformity of content. This requires well designed and well controlled manufacturing processes, as well as high quality additives and good Mixability. The Mixability of additives depends on their particle size and particle number. DSM product designs give high priority to these factors.