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We facilitate the importation and distribution of a wide range of nutritional and medicated feed additives essential in the growth and better performance of livestock, poultry, aqua and game fowls.

TM 200

Description: 20% Oxytetracycline
Availability: 25 kgs. bag

TM–200: Active Ingredient

TM 200 is a broad spectrum antibiotic for use in the control of respiratory and other bacterial infections. TM 200 is specially formulated as a feed supplement and it contains 20% Oxytetracycline.

RNT Enterprises, Inc.

It is used as a feed additive for swine and poultry rations.

TM 200 retains its prominent position amongst feed additive antibiotics. The reason it does can be summarized as follows:

TM–200: Premix Product

TM–200 when stored appropriately at room temperature, has shown to be stable for at least eighteen months.

Homogeneity data obtained in variety of feeds, i.e. broiler, layer, swine, have shown that the distribution of TM–200 is excellent and meets the requirement for the efficient operation of feed mills.

Stability of TM–200 in finished feeds has been demonstrated under the relatively harsh condition of pelleting followed by storage at 37°C for 13 weeks.


The first benefit attributed to feeding TM–200 to swine is the profound increase in growth rate, particularly in young pigs and unthrifty pigs. Yet, growth promotion and improvement in feed efficiency have also been constantly observed in apparent healthy swine.


Research showed that feeding TM-200 to gilts and sows at breeding increased reproductive performance. The gilts and sows received 1.0grams Oxytetracycline per head daily in their diet for about 14 days at breeding.


TM–200 to enhance production has been proven to be one of the most cost effective uses of antibiotic. The Week-A-Month program in which hens are fed a complete diet containing 100ppm of TM–200 for one week at housing and for the first week of each month, thereafter. The Week-A-Month program can be used in commercial chicken flocks producing table eggs or eggs for hatching. The benefits are many;